Trimlight Reviews

This product is amazing! It’s great for holidays, parties, special events, or just for an accent at night. Better than I expected and the installers really know what they are doing. I give Trimlight my highest recommendation.

T. Irish

We love our Trimlights – and so do our neighbors! They are very easy to program and change the color combinations. Trimlight worked with us to place the lights exactly where we wanted them on our house…

B. Newbold

TRIMLIGHT is a great decorative lighting company and option. Great people to work with and my neighbors all love our lights, as do we! We highly recommend them!

S. Savage

We just had our lights installed today. Tonight we are celebrating PRIDE with rainbow lights. My kids already have their birthday colors chosen out and schedules on the app. Smoothest operation ever!!

J. Lundell

Having Trimlights is the most fun investment I’ve made! Every occasion I get, I light up my house to celebrate! The Trimlight people are great to work with! Ryan has been great! Thank you! (And my husband thanks you for keeping him off the roof!)

S. Allen

We really love our Trimlight, it is so easy to use and yet so clean looking the rest of the year. You’d never know we have lights up until they turn on. We can use them all year round, whenever we want to. Hassle free, while they illuminate and compliment the houses features.

B. Jensen

We love our Trimlights. A very clean installation that you barely even notice until the lights come on and then bright illumination explodes. A very user-friendly app on our smartphone to control color schemes and different modes of flashing display. Highly recommend.

B. Mills

I love my permanent lights! We currently are displaying pink and red for Valentine’s Day. Next month, Green!

K. Jones Callister

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