Security Lighting

Here at Trimlight Dallas, we not only specialize in making your home unique and beautiful with accent lightig but we also protect your home! Our highly functional (and gorgeous) lighting is barely visable in the daytime but has all kinds of options in the nighttime.

Protect Your Home and Family From Theft

Many of our customers purchase our highly durable (yet elegant) lighting for aesthetic purposes. However, lighting from Trimlight Dallas is a significant deterrent for would-be burglars or thieves that would approach your home. Furthermore, your chances of having a delivered package “disappear” are far lower with a well-lit home.

Lighting Helps Your Security Cameras

Do you have security cameras or video cameras tied to your doorstep area? We have great news about our lighting! It serves as ample light to identify anyone on the premises more clearly. After all, video cameras aren’t much good if you can’t identify anything clearly.

What Is Downlighting?

Downlighting is extremely important for security. It bathes your property in light directed at potential trespassers and burglars. It can catch a person’s face or a license plate, for example. Attractive downlighting will increase your property value, so our lighting will pay for itself! Check with your provider, it might be covered by your insurance.

Other Beautiful Lighting From Trimlight Dallas

Our highly durable, programmable lighting has tasteful white accent options or virtually unlimited programmable (and colorful) fun for the holidays!

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