Trimlight Comparison

“Trimlight is proud to bring you the best permanent lighting package on the market! We are so sure we have the best product that we back it with the best warranty on the market aswell! Our Limited Lifetime Warranty means we will stand by your system for years to come!
How do we do this? Trimlight runs a 12v system to provide maximum light and beauty while not overheating the LEDs.”

Unique Features and Year-Round Service Crews Put Trimlight Way Above the Competion

Globe lights, patios, porches, and outdoor gatherings

Globe Lights for Patios, Porches, and Outdoor Gathering

Multi-color downlights for accent & security

Multi-Color Downlights for Accent & Security

Multiple spacing options

Multi Spacing Options
RATINGS, PATENTS, AND CERTIFICATIONS Trimlight Jellyfish Gemstone Oelo MyEverlights
Rated hours of use 50,000 hrs. 22,000 hrs. 50,000 hrs. 100,000 hrs. 50,000 hrs.
Waterproof rating
(IP68 is fully-submersible capable)
IP68 Undisclosed IP67 IP68 Undisclosed
U.S. Patented
(Select System Elements)
Yes No No Yes No
Years in business
(Trademark/Patent filed or Date of Incorporation)
11+ years
3+ years
3+ years
3+ years
6+ years
System Warranty Limited Lifetime 1 Year Labor
3+ Years Parts
5 Years 5 Years 5 Years
LED/CONTROL FEATURES Trimlight Jellyfish Gemstone Oelo MyEverlights
System Voltage 12v 48v 12v 36v 5v
Light Spacing Options 6″, 9″, or 12″ 9″ 9″ 10″ 9″
Can Display More than One Color at a Time Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Individually Controllable Lights
(Color, On/Off, Brightness)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Control Box Location (Interior/Exterior) Indoors or Outdoors Indoors Only Indoors or Outdoors Indoors or Outdoors Indoors Only
Android or iOS Compatible Both Both Both Both Both
Cloud-based Operation Yes Undisclosed Yes, only option Yes Yes, only option
Ability to Operate Lights Without Internet Yes, in-range
wifi option
No No Yes No
Multi-building operation
(Patios, Detached Garage, Pergola, etc)
Yes No No Yes No
Pre-set Programs and Motion Patterns Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Automated Timer Function
(Sunrise/Sunset, DST)
Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Year-round Calendar Scheduling
(Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries)
Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Security/Accent Feature Yes Yes Yes Yes No
SYSTEM APPEARANCE/ INSTALLATION DETAILS Trimlight Jellyfish Gemstone Oelo MyEverlights
LED Cover/Channel Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum OR Acrylic Aluminum
LEDs Flush vs. Protruding from Cover
(Protruding gives better viewing angles)
Protruding Flush Protruding Flush Protruding
Street-facing Mounting Option
(Traditional Christmas Glow)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Soffit-Mounted to Create
Down-light/Wall-wash Effect
Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Holes and Wires in Gutters No No No No Yes
Built-in Space to Run Additional Wires Yes No Yes Yes No
Authorized Installation Network Locations Nationwide + Canada Nationwide Nationwide +
North America
Nationwide + Canada UT, CA, TX, AZ

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